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Six Senses to Open at Hotel Missoni Kuwait

Six Senses Spa will debut at the five-star Hotel Missoni Kuwait in early summer, and we’ve decided from the look of just the photography that this spa is going to be a stylish addition designed to entice both body and mind. Makes perfect sense to us. Here’s a quick snapshot of the spa and hotel, []

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Vichy Spa: Losing Weight the French Way: Part Two

What great timing! I am in the middle of a book by Douglas Peter Mackaman called, Leisure Settings, Bourgeois Culture, Medicine, and the Spa in Modern France where I just finished reading the chapter on Vichy and Aix-les-Bains. These were two of the largest and most important spas in France during the 19th century. The []

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More on Thermes Marins Spa

My Thermes Marins facial was very good – and it is obvious that the estheticians here are well trained. I asked mine about her schooling, and she explained to me that she had to complete three years of training to become an esthetician. Compared to the short training programs in many parts of the world []

Burj Al Arab Hotel

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Hello, Dubai: A Spa Excursion

After a very pleasant 12-hour trip on Emirates Airlines from New York to Dubai, I’m at the airport awaiting my luggage. With me is my identical twin sister, Katrine, and we are both giddy with excitement to see what this scene is all about. I have tours of spas planned, plus I will be attending []