29 Best Spas for Hipsters in 5 Cities

When we saw Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters, we couldn’t help but think of the spas in these cities. So we took its top three, plus New York City and Los Angeles, two spa metropolises, and uncovered the best spas for hipsters.



Tee Time: Golf-Inspired Spa Treatments

More and more spa menus are sporting services to accommodate golfers, and these treatments are not just par for the course – they can help prevent injuries, improve your game, or simply soothe the aches and pains that can be caused on the green.

Travel & Play

Ask Susie: Best Holistic Spas

Question: Which spas in the United States do you consider the best for holistic treatments, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, etc? “ -GA Answer: Dear GA These days, many people are looking for the very things you mentioned and I can understand that you would want to look for a place with a good reputation and []

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Jessica Loves Cupping!

While Jessica Simpson might not be the first celeb to try cupping (see Gwyneth Paltrow at the New York premiere of Anchorman back in 2004), both she and the media sure are excited about it! While Simpson has been experimenting with cupping as part of a new physical and mental health regimen that also includes meditation and tea-sipping, the ancient Chinese art of cupping can also be incorporated into whatever wellness regimen you prefer.