Couple’s Massage: Not Just for Sweethearts!

Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas In light of Mother’s Day, we thought it the perfect time to spotlight couple’s massage. Spas are boosting their efforts when it comes to catering to duos, and the couple’s massage, which allows two people to enjoy massage in the same room side-by-side as one therapist works on each [...]

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Ask Susie: Spa Reviews


I was looking for a spa in my area on your website. I came across quite a few that would honor SpaFinder Gift Certificates. I called the one closest to me and they were very nice on the phone, but some of their reviews were not too good. What would you recommend?”


Yoga Workouts 101: Find Out Which Practice Suits You

There are numerous styles of yoga to suit your needs and your goals. In this “Workout 101”, we’ll get you started thinking about the kind of practice that fits your personality. Of course, experimenting with different classes and instructors is the best way to feel it out – you may be surprised to find out what works for you.

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Happy National Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

It’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (Oct. 24-30, 2010), and spas throughout the country are celebrating. According to a recent consumer survey by the American Massage Therapy Association®, massage therapy is on the rise as a method of improving personal health. Whether you’re new to massage therapy, or have been a massage junkie for years, [...]

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Ask Susie: Clothing Optional


My wife and I enjoyed Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico and want to find other spas with clothing optional policies. Would you be able to recommend a spa or two that is similar?”


Insiders Tip: Deal Days Gratuity Guide

Not everyone is spa-savvy but you certainly don’t have to be a spa aficionado to know about SpaFinder Deal Days, The Wellness Week ($50 prices or 50% off spa treatments and wellness services, 9/20 – 2/26). But spa insiders do know everything there is to know about spas. We know to turn off our cell phone before going in to a treatment room. We know to arrive around 20 minutes early. We know to book a body treatment before a facial. We know we can keep our clothes or underwear on if we want to!


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Save at the Spa this Summer

For spa lovers, nothing beats a spa day (or a getaway), but sometimes ‘letting yourself go’ may seem like a splurge. We say spa is part of personal maintenance, overall wellness, and mental health. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can spa on a budget.


Ask Susie: De-Stressing

Question: My mind swirls with thoughts when I get on the massage table and it is hard to relax.  Any ideas? - SR Answer: Dear SR, You are not alone – it is very common for us to have our minds darting to and fro, buzzing with thoughts, when we first get to a spa [...]


Ask Susie: Tipping

I recently had a massage at a luxury hotel spa and knew beforehand that a 20% gratuity would be added to the bill. When settling my bill, I was asked if I would like to adjust the gratuity percentage. I felt that the 20% was a good tip and left it, however, I got the impression that they were disappointed that I didn’t increase the amount. Do high-end, luxury spas expect more than 20% tip?

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Ask Susie: What to do When Spa Treatments are Bad

QUESTION: What do you suggest I do when I have had a bad spa treatment at a spa?   ANSWER: All spas should continually strive to improve, so speaking up is important.  Here are my suggestions: 1. Tell your therapist, immediately, what would take the treatment from “bad” to “good.” Mention something to the therapist [...]