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Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions

A core part of a spa’s DNA is personal connection and helping people cope with pain and stress. And a growing percentage of spas around the world offer services specifically created for people suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, and numerous spas and wellness businesses provide free services and raise money to support health-related causes. []

Montage Deer Valley

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A Montage Mountain Surrender

Before the powder snow had arrived at Montage Deer Valley, a luxury resort and skier’s paradise, our Senior Editor spent a weekend of wellness amidst the majestic alpine terrain as she was “reset” from sluggish to whole. Spa Montage’s dynamic “Surrender” program takes an integrative, individualized approach drawing on the idea that “from powerful land comes powerful healing.”

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Spa 101: Lymphatic Drainage

Want to learn more about Lymphatic Drainage — the technique, the benefits, and the finer points of lymphatic circulation? Check out these informative posts about this specialized treatment and locate some spas near you that may offer the massage!

Spa-ing After Flying


Spa-ing After Flying

Our favorite kind of trend is hitting airports around the world; the spa trend. More and more airports around the world are installing in-terminal spas, so when you land in London or touch-down in Tokyo you can unwind before you even pick up your checked baggage! Check out or directory of airport spas before you fly and keep in mind some of the best treatments for curing post-flight-stress.

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Spa-light on Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very specialized type of massage used to detox the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes act as the garbage cans of the body and catch all the ‘bad stuff.’ Lymph drainage allows the body to flush out that bad stuff. The technique involved is very unique and the benefits can range from post-operative healing from breast cancer, to allergy and sinusitis relief.