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Top 10 Voted Best for Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get a workout while increasing flexibility, and it’s also an opportunity to stretch the mind as you focus your attention on yourself and your body. Because yoga focuses on the all-encompassing concept of wellness through touching on mind, body, and soul, the practice is a great fit with getaway []

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Rancho La Puerta Recipes: Masks for Every Skin Type

We love Rancho La Puerta’s spa cuisine, so when we saw their face mask recipes for every skin type, we had to share! The masks, created by the spa’s skin care guru, Jan Greaves, are made with food ingredients you most-likely have stocked in your kitchen already. To achieve maximum benefits, an initial gentle steaming []

Orange Saffron Pine Nut Bread


Rancho La Puerta Recipe: Orange Saffron Pine Nut Bread

Nothing says fall like warm homemade bread, fresh out of the oven, and the pine nuts and maple syrup in this recipe adds to its fall-like feel. If you can’t make it down to Baja California to nosh at Rancho La Puerta’s lush and vast resort – known for its quality cuisine and cooking classes – give this recipe a try. We love the Spanish touch of saffron.

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Rancho La Puerta’s 70th Birthday Gala Benefits Fundación La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta, a fitness resort and wellness spa in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, is hosting a two-day birthday gala and symposium, “The Sun, the Butterfly, the Dove,” in San Diego, California, this September 24-25th to celebrate its 70th. Proceeds from the gala will benefit Fundación La Puerta, a non-profit dedicated to the Tecate region and building a better future on the border through educational and ecological action, so join the fun and feel good about it at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

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Top Spa Getaways for Mom & Me this Mother’s Day

Celebrate this Mother’s Day with a bit of spa-ing, re-connecting, and treatments à deux with your best friend—mom, of course! Spas catering to a mother-daughter clientele, from adults to teens alike, are increasingly becoming more common (find an extensive list here), and promote the importance of overall wellness at an early age. Whether you’re a mom, daughter, grandmother, niece, or confidant, these destination spots offer getaway packages or amenities (and a non-stressful atmosphere!) that honor mom this Mother’s Day weekend—and throughout the year. Here’s a sample of just some of SpaFinder’s top picks we’d like to share.

Spa Recipes from Rancho La Puerta


Spa Recipe from Rancho La Puerta: Grilled White Corn Soup with Leeks and Roasted Peppers

In Mexico, fresh corn is roasted or grilled until smoky-sweet and deliciously chewy. For this classic chowder, the corn is pan-roasted, then cooked to a golden velvet with leeks and aromatic vegetables.

Founder Deborah Szekely and Chef Jesus Gonzales like to give food a quick last touch as it is served. It might be as simple as a quick sauté of leeks, corn and peppers for this corn soup, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil over tomatoes and basil or a dash of fennel powder on grilled fish. That last touch always lifts each fish a notch, adding freshness and flavor, a hint of texture or temperature contrast and eye appeal.

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Top 10 Sexiest Spas

Top Ten Sexiest Spas By Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider Well, there are lists of sexiest bathrooms, beaches and hotels, so why not sexiest spas? I decided to ask my editor friends and a few spa experts around the world which spas they thought were the sexiest. Then we selected the spas with the most votes []

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Kids & Teens at Spas…Supply or Demand?

Kids & Teens at Spas…Supply or Demand? by Susie EllisSpaFinder Insider This article, “Spas Go All Out To Give Kids the Treatment” by Andrea Petersen and Miriam Foster was in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. It’s about the trend of more kids and teens going to spas for treatments. I have two comments. Both relate []

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Rancho La Puerta Through the Eyes of Spa Newbie

I am currently at Rancho La Puerta for a few days. My plans included being here for the opening of their exciting new cooking school . However, as things generally go with construction, there is some delay and I will only be able to visit the cooking school on Wednesday – not experience a cooking []

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Top Five Pedicure Tips

I received a call yesterday from New York 1 requesting an interview about pedicure equipment at spas and what consumers should know to make sure they are safe when receiving a pedicure. Since manicures and pedicures are the most popular beauty services at spas, this is clearly an important topic. With the hundreds of thousands []

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Husband at Spa (Spa, Belgium that is)

Just got this email from hubby who is in Brussels for a global internet conference. I reminded him that he was close to the city of Spa and that it might be worth a drive to see it. He found out it was only 90 minutes away, so off he went. Here is his email []