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DIY Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner

Frayed hair needs love too. Enter Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner and stave away fly-aways, welcome shine and nourished locks. In our ever on going quest for beautiful, shiny hair that will have everyone complimenting your crown, we must remember that leave in conditioners are one way to keep hair healthy.



Lunar Hair & Nail Care

In Caribbean traditions, it’s long been known that the full moon is the ideal time to cut your hair and your nails. The idea is to set your intention during the waxing phase of the full moon which is when the moon first begins to grow into the sky.



Spas and Salons Reopen Amid Covid-19

Now that states are slowly reopening, spas and salons ready to return to business. While business determines when they will reopen their doors, safety measures will play a key role in this next chapter.