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Color Self-Expression

Beauty has taken a bold, theatrical turn of late, with the old “Barbie-doll prettiness”—a “healthy glow,” natural highlights, a dab of lip gloss and a French manicure—under radical revision. In 2013 the envelope-pushing trend will only intensify. And from hair to nails, this beauty “self-expression” wave will get most intensely played out around COLOR. Yes, []


6 Hair-Raising Summer Styles

With the heat and humidity that comes with summer, who wants to spend quality time with their blowdryer? Thanks to sites like Pinterest, the inspiration for cute summer updos is right at our fingertips. Here’s a look at six of our fave looks!


Your Stylist Can Save Your Life

It’s not often a routine visit for a cut or color can lead to a doctor’s visit that could potentially save your life, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Our hairstylists are in a position to check the areas that often go unseen: our scalp and neck. Learn more about how your stylist can save your life!