Staying H20 Healthy: Water 101

Water is the element that makes us fluid and alive in every way. Mariel Hemingway, Wellness Week™ national spokesperson and Club Spa guest blogger, taps into refreshing ways to help you get your H20 fix.

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Hydrotherapy: All the Water Workings Explained

Drinking eight glasses of H2O a day will have you on the fast track to wellness and glowing skin. But if you know you can’t necessarily commit, retreat to a spa instead. Many are awash in hydrotherapy (the centuries-old use of water for purposes ranging from relaxation to illness treatment) offerings that will leave you [...]

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Warm Up This Winter at Spa Merge

While some may be trying to slough off extra pounds gained around the holidays, we’re likely all in need of sloughing off a layer of dry, dead skin that is unavoidable no matter how diligent our moisturizing regimen. Spa Merge’s “Winter Warm Up” treatment, consisting of a relaxing body scrub and wrap, complemented by a [...]
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Resort Spas Named Top 10 Best for Water Sports

Oh the weather outside may be frightful, but these getaway spa destinations are so delightful…if you plan to escape the cold this upcoming winter season, or just need a place to escape period, check out the SpaFinder 2010 Readers’ Choice Award winners in the Top Ten Best for Water Sports category. These spa resorts cater to the aqua enthusiast, allowing you to spa and splash in the surf all at the same time.


Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

It’s getting chilly and everyone around you seems to be coughing and sneezing. To make sure your immune system is in check and ready to fight off any unwanted cold and flu germs, we wanted to share with you some of the immune-boosting, detox-encouraging, and healthily-hydrating juices and smoothies being offered at spas and yoga [...]


Becoming Pet Spa Savvy

We love being pampered, so why shouldn’t our pets? As spas increasingly become a necessity to maintaining physical and emotional well-being, animal-tailored treatments—from grooming to massage to hydrotherapy—are allowing our furry friends to reap the same health benefits. Relax. Pawse.

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Spa Trend Bingo

Spa Trend Bingo Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider Just received an email this morning announcing the brand new book by Mark Hyman, M.D. It is called The UltraMind Solution. You may know Dr. Hyman from his time at Canyon Ranch in Lenox or perhaps you know his other books, UltraPrevention and UltraLongevity. It put a smile [...]

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Husband at Spa (Spa, Belgium that is)

Just got this email from hubby who is in Brussels for a global internet conference. I reminded him that he was close to the city of Spa and that it might be worth a drive to see it. He found out it was only 90 minutes away, so off he went. Here is his email [...]