Edible Collagen


Edible Collagen, A Skin Miracle or Just Clever Marketing?

In 2016, edible collagen has been the darling of beauty editors, its benefits touted in publications from Allure to Vogue. But do hydrolyzed collagen drinks and powders really help your skin look younger? And are they a lasting trend or just smart marketing that repackages that old standby, gelatin, into a trendy supplement?


Retinol: The Twenty-Something’s Anti-Aging Must Have

  Until recently, my sit-downs with my dermatologist usually went like this: Doctor: So, do you have any skin concerns? Me: Yes! I’m concerned about premature aging. What creams should I be using? Doctor: That’s good. Wear lots of moisturizer and don’t forget sunscreen. Their response? Always passive. My reaction? Crushed. I want to avoid []