Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage: How to Relax Before Baby

Prenatal is not only calming but studies show it offers added wellbeing benefits. Thank goodness for prenatal massage! This spa treatment for moms-to-be is not only calming but studies show it offers added wellbeing benefits, too.


Mother Knows Best: Beauty Tips from SpaFinder Moms

“Mother knows best” is a phrase that suddenly takes on more meaning when you hit your mid-twenties and decide to start listening. We’ve caught on to this mantra and decided to tap into our greatest resource in order to score some must-have advice! Check out these beauty tips straight from SpaFinder moms!

Mother Daughter Spa Days


A Mother-Daughter Wellness Weekend

Q: I am interested in taking my 17-year-old daughter to a spa for a few days over spring break. Are there any that you would recommend? Is this something appropriate for a 17-year-old? She loves horses, yoga, exercise, massages and pampering. Read Susie’s response!

Ste. Anne's Spa | Aspira Spa


Girlfriends Getaways Are the Way to Go

Birthdays, bachelorette or bridal parties, reunions…or it doesn’t even have to be a special occasion – get your besties together and head to the spa! Mother-daughter teams, BFFs, sisters, your fave aunts, cousins or nieces…the list goes on and on. Round up the group and kick off an early start to the summer season with a spa trip together: At these resort or hotel destinations, spa-ing and spending some quality time together go hand in hand.

Mother Daughter Spa Days


More Mom & Me Getaways

Mother knows best—and deserves the best! And if there’s anything mom deserves most, it’s some much-needed relaxation! Chocolates are great, and so are flowers, but this year, why not skip the material items and give mom the gift of an experience instead? Present mom with the perfect present this Mother’s Day: a trip to the []


Couple’s Massage: Not Just for Sweethearts!

In light of Mother’s Day, we thought it the perfect time to spotlight couple’s massage. Spas are boosting their efforts when it comes to catering to duos, and the couple’s massage, which allows two people to enjoy massage in the same room side-by-side as one therapist works on each person, continues to top the list []

Villagio Inn & Spa


Villagio Inn & Spa: A Mom & Me Weekend in Napa

If you’re lucky enough to actually enjoy spending time with either parent, I can’t say enough about how special it is to take a spa weekend together, especially at such a one-of-a-kind place like the Villagio Inn and Spa. My mom and I recently enjoyed a long weekend at this luxurious retreat in Napa, California.

Barefoot & Pregnant


Belly Friendly!

Stacy Denney’s spa program for pregnant woman, or those trying to conceive, Barefoot & Pregnant is all about community. Denney saw the need for an environment where expecting moms could communicate and interact with each other and find a nurturing environment before, during and after their pregnancy. Born of this need was Barefoot & Pregnant, the country’s first maternity spa and its accompanying on-line social community.

Mother Daughter Spa Days


5 Tips for Mother-Daughter Spa Days!

There’s no better gift than the gift of spa for Mother’s Day… except perhaps giving your mom a spa gift that includes you tagging along for some mother-daughter bonding and some indulgent relaxation for yourself! Now that’s what we call a present! We’ve come up with some tips for making the most of a mother-daughter day at the spa to ensure that your mom gets the most out of the experience and that your day of leisure shows her how much you appreciate her.


A Mother-Daughter Spa Day: My New Beauty Ritual

When it came to my beauty routine growing up, mom always knew best—stand up straight, make sure to wash your makeup off before bed, always apply sunscreen, etc. Now that I’m an adult, I’m eager to share a bit of my own beauty wisdom with mom about the spa industry. When mom called to say []

Living Well

Thinking about spa and beauty in South America

This past week I have been preparing for a speech I will be giving in Monaco next Saturday at the Monaco Spa Congress. The title of my speech is A Spa Dialogue: Tracking perspectives in the Spa Industry. While I will be focusing on the spa dialogue between North America and Europe, I wanted to []