Lunar Hair & Nail Care

In Caribbean traditions, it’s long been known that the full moon is the ideal time to cut your hair and your nails. The idea is to set your intention during the waxing phase of the full moon which is when the moon first begins to grow into the sky.


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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day, bring the spa home to Mom! Relaxation, essential oils and massage oils make for the perfect Quarantine gifts this holiday. Since the spas are closed for a bit longer, make sure mom can feel the luxury of spa in her home.


Products We Love

Shop Spafinder; Spa & Wellness

Spafinder customers we are happy to announce additional ways to utilize our Gift Cards. Not only can you visit the spa for the ultimate relaxation experience but now you can visit our online Spa & Wellness shop to bring the Spa HOME TO YOU.


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Bhringraj Oil; DIY Hair Growth

Especially good for hair growth, Bhringraj oil is a leaf that nourishes hair follicles and improves blood circulation at the root of the hair. It is used to nurture hair, combat graying hair and to alleviate dry scalp.