Living Well

Global Wellness Day–Refocus Mind, Body & Soul

This year, the focus on wellness is truly skyrocketing and on Global Wellness Day, June 13, we will refocus on wellness pillars full force. On this day, we encourage everyone to find a way to focus on community wellness. Since it’s still best to maintain social distancing, virtual classes make an excellent option.

Charity for kids


Holiday Charity Dishes Out Altruistic Returns

This holiday season, it’s not just about the gifts but giving. Let’s celebrate the sentiment circulating the holiday season, the ability to give back to community and to express gratitude. Below, we’ve focused on two great charities below that provide shelter, food and reimagined futures for America’s youth. SLEEP OUT TO END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS This []

Science of Spas

Living Well

Spa Science: Evidence Behind the Therapies

With the launch of the new website SpaEvidence.com this year — the world’s first portal to the aggregated medical studies that exists for 21 common spa/ wellness approaches — that trend was literally embodied. Launched by the Global Spa Summit in mid-2011 (an advocacy group for the worldwide spa/ wellness industries), and shaped by doctors []