Florida Staycation Spas!

Open for business! In Florida, the beaches sizzle and our spas refresh. Blessed with amazing weather all year long, this summer head to our spas for a little TLC.



Wellness Trend: Micro-cation Anyone?

The frequency of Micro-Travel, aka vacation spurts of 3-4 days, have surged in the past few years. This movement was propelled forward because of time and money. Longer vacations are pricey and people fear taking time off from work in large bulks. Due to this, travelers have taken to hyper focused vacation timetables with immersive experiences.

Living Well

Global Wellness Day–Refocus Mind, Body & Soul

This year, the focus on wellness is truly skyrocketing and on Global Wellness Day, June 13, we will refocus on wellness pillars full force. On this day, we encourage everyone to find a way to focus on community wellness. Since it’s still best to maintain social distancing, virtual classes make an excellent option.


Products We Love

Shop Spafinder; Spa & Wellness

Spafinder customers we are happy to announce additional ways to utilize our Gift Cards. Not only can you visit the spa for the ultimate relaxation experience but now you can visit our online Spa & Wellness shop to bring the Spa HOME TO YOU.

cooking from home


Wellness on Demand

Wellness delivered straight to your living room. Fitness, meditation, cooking and just keeping up with your beauty routine from home is our current state so Spafinder merchants have curated content to help you stay home, safe and sane during this time.