mommy and baby

mom and baby


Four Ways to Bounce Back After Baby- Bye bye Mom and Dad Bods

Acknowledging that both the mom’s and the dad’s health can impact their child for a lifetime was a hot trend in 2018. After all, it takes a sperm and an egg to create a baby.[1] And just as it takes two to conceive, we think it takes two to bounce back after pregnancy and birth.  Check out these four ways to get your bodies–and your relationship–in shape after giving birth.

Barefoot & Pregnant


Belly Friendly!

Stacy Denney’s spa program for pregnant woman, or those trying to conceive, Barefoot & Pregnant is all about community. Denney saw the need for an environment where expecting moms could communicate and interact with each other and find a nurturing environment before, during and after their pregnancy. Born of this need was Barefoot & Pregnant, the country’s first maternity spa and its accompanying on-line social community.

Creme Bebe


Spa 101: Baby Massage Class

Massage, a relaxing ritual for both you and baby, is said to improve your tot’s muscular coordination, circulation, and immune system, help you distinguish your baby’s cues, and aid in ailments like insomnia and teething.

Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage: Still Time for Me Time!

Expecting moms are restricted when it comes to so many things that those not-with-child take for granted.  From giving up sushi and cocktails, there are some things that moms-to-be just have to forego, but spa days are definitely don’t have to be one of them. There are many treatments that are safe for pregnant women, []


Pregnancy Without the Pause

When I got pregnant, I was prepared for the nine-month moratorium on sushi, margaritas, and unpasteurized cheese. Modern American pregnancy, as everyone knows, comes with a long list of dietary no-nos. What I didn’t realize is that the list of spa prohibitions is just as punishing. Hot baths were a daily de-stressor, and the news that I’d have to give them up, along with saunas, steams, and a handful of spa treatments, dismayed me. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a more welcome time for any spa treatment than when your lower back and shoulders are aching from your newly recalibrated center of gravity, your feet feel fat as flippers, and your supposed pregnancy glow is mottled with new freckles.


Before the Miracle of Life…the Miracle of Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers go through enormous physical changes – weight gain, muscle tension and posture/center of gravity shifts. Prenatal massage is widely believed to hold therapeutic benefits to alleviate lower back pain and swelling. Spas like Hoboken Prenatal Massage, are tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. About prenatal massage Like []

Living Well

Mandara Spa at Atlantis – A True Sanctuary

Peter and I did something this weekend which we were never able to do while living on the West Coast – hop on a short flight to spend the weekend in the Bahamas. It sounds so “East Coast” doesn’t it? Actually Peter is on a mission to convince me that getting into boating would be []

Living Well

Russian Spa Industry Emerging

My thanks to Marina Kuchurkina who took an eight-hour train ride from Moscow to St. Petersburg to give me a spa tour and teach me about the spa industry in Russia. Even though her English is very good, she arranged for an interpreter so that we could communicate flawlessly. Over cappuccino at the Grand Hotel []

Living Well

Thinking about spa and beauty in South America

This past week I have been preparing for a speech I will be giving in Monaco next Saturday at the Monaco Spa Congress. The title of my speech is A Spa Dialogue: Tracking perspectives in the Spa Industry. While I will be focusing on the spa dialogue between North America and Europe, I wanted to []

Living Well

ABC Nightline and Baby Spas – Tonight!

ABC’s Nightline is doing a segment on Baby Spas. It will air either tonight or Friday night. I went to ABC Studios yesterday afternoon to be interviewed for the segment. I was asked about why we think this has become a trend, the range of services typically offered to babies and/or babies and mommies, how []

Living Well

Mommy and Babies at Spas

It’s been kind of a baby-focus week for me. Our Executive VP Technology, Daniel Lizio-Katzen, and his wife Noa had a baby boy they named Enzo. The day before I left for Thanksgiving in California, I had lunch with my friend Heidi who has just teamed up with Julie of Maternal Fitness to add the []