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What is a Hammam?

The hammam, also known as the Turkish hamam or Turkish bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna.

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Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World

There is no more powerful consumer trend across the developed world than the hunger for all things authentic and indigenous, impacting what we now most want to eat (the latest global “superfoods” and ancient grains), to where we most want to travel (suddenly a far wider, exotic map). It’s why the spa/wellness scene is increasingly []

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Atlantic City Spa Bachelorette Party

If you’re an East Coast bride and getting to Vegas is out of the question, check out the little slice of Sin City in New Jersey. Atlantic City offers big lights, clubs and a handful of really wonderful spas to indulge in during a weekend of bridal party bliss.

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SpaRahRah! Editors’ Pick: Eden Andalou

We think the SpaRahRah!™ team has outdone itself this time: To help ring in 2012, SpaRahRah!, along with the five-star Eden Andalou, has created an incredible travel deal that combines spa, wellness, culture and indulgence (plus affordability!) in the faraway, enchanting location of Marrakech. Make this Moroccan adventure a goal for the New Year — []

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Six Senses to Open at Hotel Missoni Kuwait

Six Senses Spa will debut at the five-star Hotel Missoni Kuwait in early summer, and we’ve decided from the look of just the photography that this spa is going to be a stylish addition designed to entice both body and mind. Makes perfect sense to us. Here’s a quick snapshot of the spa and hotel, []


Hammams 101

The ancient ritual of hammam, also known as the Turkish hamam or Turkish bath, has become a popular trend in the spa world in the last couple of years, but how much do you really know about this purifying and cleansing treatment? This insider’s guide to all-things-hammam, from the experts at SpaFinder and NewBeauty, shares everything from the tradition’s history to the four-step process to the look of this exquisite spa experience, which offers true results.

Hammam at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas


Hammam Heaven at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

The luxurious Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is quite something to behold and from what I had heard, the spa’s authentic, Turkish hammam is the highlight of the 27,000-square facility. On a recent visit to the spa at Mandarin Oriental, I knew I had to give it a try.

Unlike many of today’s spa treatments, hammam was historically experienced in the company of others or what we now call “social spa-ing.” The Spa at Mandarin Oriental can accommodate groups of five of your closest friends with a hammam party in the comfort of this private treatment area. It’s also great for bridal parties.

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2) SpaFinder Spa Trend 2010: Year of the Hammam – Revisited

Continuing on with my review of SpaFinder’s 2010 Top 10 Spa Trends (and then evaluating how the trend actually developed), we predicted an increasing popularity of hammams. Admittedly this trend took many people by surprise, in fact, I don’t think anyone really saw this one coming!  (I love it when that happens!)  Our research, however, put this one on our radar.  Having the chance []

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Top Hammams Around the World

Deemed one of the hottest spa trends for 2010 (SpaFinder’s Susie Ellis even dubbed it the “Year of the Hammam”), this ancient ritual of cleansing is rising in popularity within the modern spa world.

The age-old ritual of hammams has been a centuries-old fixture on the spa circuit in places like Eastern Europe and the Mideast, and is now emerging across North America— from Winnipeg to Manhattan to Miami—even aboard cruise ship spas!

Richmond Nua Wellness Spa

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A Spa Discovery – in Turkey!

When I arrived at the Richmond Hotel Sapanca, I was immediately struck by the dramatic architecture, the stunning open lobby atrium with striking artwork of water bubbles on the ceiling, and a spectacular view of the lake. But the “wow factor” did not stop there. This destination spa, also known as Richmond Nua Wellness — the only one in Turkey – has an extraordinary range of treatments and water experiences.

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Spa Article in WSJ on Hammams

By Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider Thought you might enjoy this article, “Istanbul’s Booming Spa Culture Is Revisiting Old Turkish Bathhouse Rituals” for your weekend reading! Jayda Uras who is quoted in this Wall Street Journal article just sent me the link and I am delighted to share it with you right away so you will []

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Spa Trend #2: Year of the Hammam

By Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider. Continuing down the list of the top 10 spa trends for 2010 we published a few weeks ago, the second one is what we are calling “the year of the hammam.” This one turned out to be a surprise for many however the reaction has been enthusiastically positive! Here is []

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Aesthetic Medical Predictions for 2010

By Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider Francis X. Acunzo from Acara offered up his aesthetic medical predictions for 2010 . I think they are interesting – especially for aesthetic medical spas or medi spas. Here are the predictions in black – my comments in red. 1. Dysport will become a strong competitor to Botox. In time []


My First Authentic Hammam

My trip to Istanbul last September was whirlwind. Two and a half days, myriad hotel tours, and one trip to the hammam. What exactly is a hammam you ask? Think part serenity… part surprise… and brand new skin!

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More on the Authentic Hammam Spa Trend

More on the Authentic Hammam Spa TrendBy Susie Ellis, SpaFinder Insider I just love it when a spa trend we predict (especially one that some people think is “out of the blue”) begins getting buzz. So how fitting that a week ago we predicted the 2010 spa trend “Year of the Hammam” and in today’s []