De Stress while Driving


Ride sharing- Is it the future?

Living in Miami, it’s tough to be without a car. That being said driving in Miami can be stressful. So, when I was in a fender bender that left me car less for 3 weeks, I decided to test out ride sharing to see if it would be for me. I thought, maybe I’ll trade the car in when it’s repaired and just Uber or Lyft anywhere.

digital detox


Digital Detox today.

A recent study of 1800 adults found that they spend an average of nine hours and 22 minutes every day in front of screens (of which nearly eight hours are for personal use, not work).  All of that screen-time has a significant effect on the brain and body, often with obvious effects such as disturbed sleep, pain in the fingers, wrists, neck and back, and even narrowed blood vessels in the eyes. 

tarot card therapy

Living Well

Tarot Therapy- Do the cards help?

Tarot cards are ingrained into popular culture, to the extent that most of us will be familiar with them even if we don’t quite understand how the deck is comprised.  When a supporting character in the horror film we’re watching draws a death card, we understand that their prospects aren’t stellar.