Massage Crawl: Los Angeles

Welcome to the City of Dreams where you will find every imaginable type of massage to soothe your body and your soul, from Thai to Hot Stone to new twists on favorite classics.

sports massage


Sports Massage: When. Why. How.

Exercise is, as we all know, vitally important, but in order to get the best from each workout a little outside help is sometimes required.  A sports massage is a popular form of physiotherapy that’ll reduce the chance of injury, and help you get more out of each visit to the gym


Craniosacral Massage: The Healing Gentle Touch

Craniosacral massage –or craniosacral therapy (CST)–is an extremely gentle treatment used to relieve pain and body dysfunction.  As the name suggests, CST focuses on the top and bottom of the spine, where it meets the cranium (head) and sacrum, the triangular bone in the lower back between the two hipbones of the pelvis.