Living Well


Experts point out that human brains and bodies evolved to thrive in natural environments: to chase and be chased, to work the earth, and so on. Now, relatively suddenly, most people are severely disconnected from nature, living in concrete jungles and spending their lives in front of various screens. The fallout: “Nature Deficit Disorder,”¹ a []


Too Stressed to Meditate? Try These 6 Easy Tips!

Someone once told me that meditating for 20 minutes is comparable to a two-hour nap. Whether actually true or not, I was willing to try. I sat myself down, legs folded, closed my eyes…but within exactly two minutes into trying to clear my mind, all sorts of thoughts littered my head – work, rent, just []


Spa 101: Meditation

A recent study reports that mindfulness, stemming from the Buddhist meditation tradition, is as effective as antidepressants in protecting against a relapse of depression. Learn more here.

Top Spas for Mind, Body and Spirit


Rebalance the Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Get ready to reinvigorate and renew yourself! If stress or the strains of everyday life have you feeling less than your best, a spa getaway may just be the healing remedy that inspires you to jump start a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. With so many spa vacation options out there, finding the perfect fit to get away from it all is easy. These SpaFinder Readers’ Choice awardees in the Best for Mind-Body-Spirit category have it all, balancing a full complement of wellness, fitness, and spa options to stimulate the mind, to strengthen the body, and to help you get in touch in touch with your inner spirit.