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DIY Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner

Frayed hair needs love too. Enter Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner and stave away fly-aways, welcome shine and nourished locks. In our ever on going quest for beautiful, shiny hair that will have everyone complimenting your crown, we must remember that leave in conditioners are one way to keep hair healthy.



Lunar Hair & Nail Care

In Caribbean traditions, it’s long been known that the full moon is the ideal time to cut your hair and your nails. The idea is to set your intention during the waxing phase of the full moon which is when the moon first begins to grow into the sky.



Spas Reopen; Feel Like a Queen Again

For many of us, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the reopening of our favorite studios. While we’re eager to get back to plucked eyebrows, manicured hands, pedicured feet how do we, as mindful clients, practice safety?



Wellness Trend: Micro-cation Anyone?

The frequency of Micro-Travel, aka vacation spurts of 3-4 days, have surged in the past few years. This movement was propelled forward because of time and money. Longer vacations are pricey and people fear taking time off from work in large bulks. Due to this, travelers have taken to hyper focused vacation timetables with immersive experiences.



Spiritual Health: Religion embraces technology

For some time, churches have started to enhance their offerings to appeal to a broader audience. Several have turned to daily streaming classes as an add-on to their Sunday business model. They now offer self improvement and personal growth classes, business development and even children’s courses.