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Wellness Trend: Micro-cation Anyone?

The frequency of Micro-Travel, aka vacation spurts of 3-4 days, have surged in the past few years. This movement was propelled forward because of time and money. Longer vacations are pricey and people fear taking time off from work in large bulks. Due to this, travelers have taken to hyper focused vacation timetables with immersive experiences.

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2019 Spafinder’s Premier Spas of the West & Southwest

Our 2019 Premier West & Southwest collection includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.For those who enjoy the high desert of the mountains, whether it’s winter or summer, this list will include something that pleases. If you want to find something farther away or you need something around the corner you can always visit all of our listings at

Top 10 Surprising Spa Destinations

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Top 10 Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations

When one thinks spa vacation, a few select destinations immediately come to mind: Italy, Thailand, Turks and Caicos… sound familiar? But savvy spa-goers are pushing back against the “been there, done that” travel mentality and demanding more exotic destinations and indigenous experiences to stamp on their spa passports, thereby spawning a significant new industry trend: []