Living Well

Global Wellness Day–Refocus Mind, Body & Soul

This year, the focus on wellness is truly skyrocketing and on Global Wellness Day, June 13, we will refocus on wellness pillars full force. On this day, we encourage everyone to find a way to focus on community wellness. Since it’s still best to maintain social distancing, virtual classes make an excellent option.

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Wellness on Demand

Wellness delivered straight to your living room. Fitness, meditation, cooking and just keeping up with your beauty routine from home is our current state so Spafinder merchants have curated content to help you stay home, safe and sane during this time.



Spafinder LIVE! Wellness from Home

Hungry for flavor filled recipes that happen to be healthy? At Pritikin Longevity Center, the resident Chef, Chef Vincent, curates balanced meals to fuel the body. Now he’s taking his teachings online to give everyone a taste of Pritikin.

Yoga Trend

Living Well

2019 Most Popular Yoga

Thinking about trying yoga or changing your current practice? We’ve compiled this short glossary of the most popular types to help you choose the practice that best suits your lifestyle, wellness goals and personality. Yoga focuses on progress and change. This practice is designed to massage your internal organs daily while working through these poses. []