Core Exercises: Ride the Bull to Stronger Abs

Meet Brutus the Bull, who can at times, be brutal. Brutus lives in Austin, Texas, at Travaasa Austin, and his main purpose in life is to help guests develop a stronger core, and have some Texas-style fun while doing it. Likely to be unlike anything you’ve experienced in a fitness setting, this mechanical bull workout [...]


2011 Spa Trend Analysis: Counter-Trends

Last year was the first time I added a "counter-trend' section to my annual trend report.  I felt it was important for people to understand that it is ok - even a good idea in some cases - to go against what is trending.  There is still value, however, in a person recognizing that this is [...]


2011 Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Surprising Special Events

This was our 10th spa trend prediction for 2011 and while we are definitely seeing new and creative special events added to spa programs, I think we are also learning that if you get too narrow on a theme or topic, you might have a hard time attracting enough participants.  For example, while gluten free programs seem to be super [...]

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Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Extreme Beauty: Spa Edition

This, the 8th trend we identified in our list of the Top 10 SpaFinder trends for 2011, was all about the lengths people will go to (especially women) for beauty.  Rereading what we wrote a year ago, I was struck by our prediction that the use of the term "stem cell" would become huge.  How right we were.  In fact [...]

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Spa Trend Analysis 2011: Deals Gone Wild

The 5th spa trend we forecast was "Deals Gone Wild" and 2011 was clearly the year of the deal.  You'll notice in the write up that our prediction was totally lined up with what Barron's said recently "consumers who are bombarded daily with coupon offers from Groupon and its rivals could be coming down with "deal fatigue."  So [...]