Spiritual Health: Religion embraces technology

For some time, churches have started to enhance their offerings to appeal to a broader audience. Several have turned to daily streaming classes as an add-on to their Sunday business model. They now offer self improvement and personal growth classes, business development and even children’s courses.



Traditional Indian Remedy Stimulates Hair Growth

Lather your crown with Brahmi to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. While Western medicine looks to medical remedies, Ayurvedic age old practices encourage hair growth with traditional herbs, plants and tradition. Brahmi, Bacopa monnieri, a staple plant in Ayurvedic medicine combats hair loss and benefits the body in several ways.

Charity for kids


Holiday Charity Dishes Out Altruistic Returns

This holiday season, it’s not just about the gifts but giving. Let’s celebrate the sentiment circulating the holiday season, the ability to give back to community and to express gratitude. Below, we’ve focused on two great charities below that provide shelter, food and reimagined futures for America’s youth. SLEEP OUT TO END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS This []

mom and baby


Four Ways to Bounce Back After Baby- Bye bye Mom and Dad Bods

Acknowledging that both the mom’s and the dad’s health can impact their child for a lifetime was a hot trend in 2018. After all, it takes a sperm and an egg to create a baby.[1] And just as it takes two to conceive, we think it takes two to bounce back after pregnancy and birth.  Check out these four ways to get your bodies–and your relationship–in shape after giving birth.