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Death & Spas: Thriving During Life’s Transitions

A core part of a spa’s DNA is personal connection and helping people cope with pain and stress. And a growing percentage of spas around the world offer services specifically created for people suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, and numerous spas and wellness businesses provide free services and raise money to support health-related causes. []


29 Best Spas for Hipsters in 5 Cities

When we saw Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Cities for Hipsters, we couldn’t help but think of the spas in these cities. So we took its top three, plus New York City and Los Angeles, two spa metropolises, and uncovered the best spas for hipsters.


Why to Try a New Fitness & How to Do it Safely

Repetition can sometimes make the once exciting and invigorating into something mundane and blah. Because of this, the idea of exploring and experimenting with new forms of exercise is beneficial for several reasons, says Miraval’s Exercise Physiologist, Andrew Wolf, M.Ed, C.S.C.S.


IM=X Pilates 101

X marks the spot in midtown Manhattan for Pilates enthusiasts who want to stretch their workout routine. IM=X, short for integrated movement xercize, maintains the classic Pilates principles of muscle toning and lengthening while going mano a mano with strength and cardio training for a more athletically oriented workout. Get prepared to practice Pilates moves []



Feel Better at Work, The Pilates Way

It is a familiar modern requirement: Do more work in fewer hours. Never has it been more necessary to work smarter, not harder.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Pilates is still one of the fastest-growing exercise techniques and is resonating with the overworked. It is not so much about repetition of movement as it is the quality of movement. “


Get Fit, NYC: Save on Pilates or Gyrotonic Classes!

Hello New York!  The sun is out and the coats are being shed, so it’s time to start thinking about shedding those winter pounds and firming up your bod! Now you can get five Pilates or Gyrotonic Classes for just $39 at Body Evolution in the East Village.  Body Evolution is the perfect place to []



Pilates Comes to Deal Days

Whether you’re an avid Pilates enthusiast, or have always been curious to give it a try, SpaFinder Deal Days is the perfect time to enjoy it at prices that’ll make you feel good!  Choose from top Pilates studios around the country offering everything in Pilates from mat, classic, duet, private, group, and unlimited passes. Deal []

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa


If Your Passion is Pilates…

Readers’ Choice winner in the “best for weight loss, fitness program, and cuisine” categories are just some of the accolades garnered by Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, and it’s easy to see why. Located 40 miles north of San Diego, this destination spa backs up its awards with personalized service and customized, all-inclusive programs of fitness, nutrition, and spa treatments.